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     "Design" in Western countries has been nearly two hundred years, China has experienced in more than three decades of rapid growth. According to statistics, the import mechanism design innovation in the enterprise, there are 90% improved corporate image, 80% entered a new market, 70% lower product costs, 40% of their profits from the design. Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Samsung and Sony industrial design regarded as their "second core technology", is considered by many manufacturers to get rid of homogeneous competition, an important means of brand differentiation competitive strategy implementation.
     CPC Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to industrial design, issued a series of policies. "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" put forward to promote the development of industrial design direction, the "industrial transformation and upgrading plan (2011-2015)" to promote the development of industrial design made clear deployment. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology with the relevant departments jointly issued the "number of industrial design guidance on the promotion of development" and proposed policies and measures to promote the development of industrial design: accelerate the development of research and design industry, the promotion of industrial design from the design to the high-end integrated design services change.
    "Liuzhou manufacturing" has become an integral part of the national economy industrial chain an important part. Although many of the city has been ranked forefront of the domestic product output, but low-tech and value-added, some manufacturing companies big but not strong, the reason, the vast majority of the manufacturing enterprise technology development and innovation ability is weak, yet become mainstay of technological innovation, technology and products less originality.

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