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Wang Hongzhi: kihei senior fellow, chairman of the International Department of materials, University of Oxford
  Graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, served as Shanghai Jiao Tong University Institute of materials Committee, and was sent to Shanghai city Yangpu District propaganda department minister assistant. In 1999 Dr Wang Hongzhi won the famous Tan Chin Tuan scholarship to Nanyang Technology University in Singapore to study, and obtain a master's degree. He then went to the University of Oxford to pursue a doctorate, award president of University of Oxford and funded by University of Oxford press Clarendon Fund Bursaries and specialized academic outstanding scholars in Oxford set up by the. After graduation, Dr. Wang Hongzhi to the Department of inorganic chemistry, University of Oxford professor Malcolm Green of the world followed in inorganic chemistry community celebrated the postdoctoral, engaged in the study of carbon nanotubes. In 2008 March, Dr. Wang Hongzhi returned to the material  Department of University of Oxford as a senior researcher. Dr Wang Hongzhi's work focuses on the functional material, carbon nanotubes and structural ceramics. He through the University of Oxford Center for technological innovation of a patent application. He also participated in a number of important academic conferences and exchanges, in the international periodicals published scientific papers. Dr. Wang Hongzhi is a scholar of University of Oxford College of St Catherine's honor (Scholar, 2002-03), and served as the material Department of University of Oxford college liaison assistant (2003 - 06). During the period of study and work at the University of Oxford, Dr Wang Hongzhi honors include: the president of University of Oxford, University of Oxford press prize award, British overseas student scholarships, Britain's Armourers & Brasires award, British Alcan award, St. Catherine's college research award.
  Served as "China well-off society leader training" Project Assistant (2005), he was also invited to participate in dozens of China government, universities, business circles and cultural circles to the British delegation of lectures and seminars. Dr. Wang Hongzhi also served as Secretary General of the University of Oxford China Federation (2002-03).
  Dr. Wang Hongzhi not only learned, in other areas also have extensive research. He read the book a lot of economics and management science, and the Chinese of blue and white porcelain wares include understanding and appreciation of certain.