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Jinhui Executive Director
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  David Baghurst: jinhui Executive Director, International Business Department of the University of Oxford and director of the center for technology innovation

  David at the University of Oxford studying chemistry, "Dr. obtained after application of microwave in chemical synthesis". Two years later, a chemistry lecturer at the Imperial College London in London, Cookson joined the group and served as the technology innovation center director Cookson. During the Cookson years, David was a team of industrial research and development, for the development of new products and services of Cookson group, design materials, polymer and ceramic, electronic business.
In 1996, David joined Oxford Trust and served as the industrial planning department director, support the innovation and development of high-tech companies, management of economic incubator and economic network. The main achievements include the expansion of the Oxford investment opportunity (Britain's oldest, most successful angel networks of Innovation Center (Oxford) and the British earliest incubator of high-tech companies, one of the most successful).
  Oxfordshire BiotechNet is a company based on biological technology incubator company, appointed by the company as general manager of David. During its operation, the David develop a business plan, management in the public sector and private sector financial company, established Oxford biological technology enterprise center, and in 3 years to help set up 35 new companies. Won the best incubator which Oxford biological technology enterprise center international authoritative game reputation.
  In 2002, David joined the Isis, as a natural science departments, responsible for the commercial project, physics, chemical engineering, materials and computer etc.. The David team in the last 5 years achievements including the creation of Oxford Catalysts, Oxford Advanced Surfaces, Yasa Motors and Oxford Nanopore.
       David won the Warrick Business School MBA degree, and to understand the emerging technology companies a lot in life and in natural science. David now works in Changzhou by Islamic International Technology Transfer Center Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Liuzhou Jinhui International Technology Co. ltd.. Recently, in the promotion of international cooperation in scientific research and industry, he has gained recognition and reward the government of Changzhou. David can call Isis in China, China Hongkong and European colleagues and partners in appropriate circumstances.