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Six party signed a joint agreement of international high tech Park
come from:Liuzhou daily | time:2012-11-23 | views:

  Daily News (reporter Duan Chao) after nearly two years of repeated negotiation and communication, mutual promotion and common development principles, innovative company in British Oxford ISIS and Liuzhou national hi tech Zone Innovation of science and technology, ISIS Limited Hong Kong Company, Liuzhou national hi tech Innovation Service Center, Liuzhou Blue Ocean Science and technology limited, Dr. Wang Hongzhi and other six party cooperation construction of Liuzhou international high tech Park reached a consensus, in 21 days, Liu Dong New Area Administrative Committee signed the international high-tech park to build cooperation (International Science and technology incubators) cooperative agreement six party, into the source of creation and new power for economic and social development of our city.
  It is understood, I united the Oxford ISIS science and technology innovation companies and other units to build Liuzhou international high tech park, build international, socialization and marketization of the production, learning and research, cooperation platform, will be conducive to Liuzhou national hi tech Industrial Development Zone, using the international advanced concept to improve scientific planning, attract international research institutions and personnel more in Liuzhou, the development of high-tech industry, realize the high-tech industrialization in Liuzhou. After the agreement is signed, will also guide the international advanced technology including technology from the University of Oxford in Liuzhou, provide first-class environment and convenient for the implementation of the project, and promote the transformation of international technology transfer and Liuzhou's industrial and technological progress, accelerate the pace of building an innovation oriented feature garden district.
  Deputy Secretary of municipal Party committee, Liu Dong New District, Liuzhou New District Party committee secretary Su Haitang, University of Oxford of science and technology innovation center director David Baghurst attended the signing ceremony.