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High tech Zone countries of Liuzhou and Oxford to build international science and technology incubators
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  Recently, national high tech zones in Liuzhou and the UK University of Oxford owned scientific research center -- Isis technology innovation company cooperation international science and Technology Park (International Science and technology incubators) signing ceremony was held in Liu Dong New area. Deputy Secretary of Liuzhou Municipal Committee, Liu Dong Xin Qu, Liuzhou party secretary of the Work Committee of national high tech Industrial Development Zone Su Haitang, deputy director of Baoan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau girder, Liu Dong New Area, Liuzhou national high tech Zone CMC leadership witnessed the signing of the agreement, Liu Dong New Area discipline appoint secretary Zhou Haitao presided over the signing ceremony.
  The innovation of science and technology, Oxford ISIS and Liuzhou national high tech Zone Management Committee, ISIS technology innovation of Limited Hong Kong Company, Liuzhou national hi tech Innovation Service Center, Liuzhou Blue Ocean Science and technology limited, Dr. Wang Hongzhi and other six parties to build Liuzhou international high tech Park (International Science and technology incubators) signed a cooperation agreement, will mark a production, learning and research, in one of the internationalization, socialization cooperation and marketing platform will be located in the high-tech zone countries of Liuzhou, the development of high-tech industry to a new stage.
  Su Haitang said, in a joint British Oxford ISIS science and technology innovation of Liuzhou international high tech Park (International Science and technology incubators) is conducive to the development of high-tech industry, into an inexhaustible source of innovation and the power for the economic development of Liuzhou; is conducive to the introduction of new innovation technology of University of Oxford, to promote international technology transfer, high-tech industrialization; to construct the internationalization, socialization and marketization of the production, learning and research, cooperation platform, so as to guide the international advanced technology in Liuzhou, Liuzhou to promote industrial transformation and progress. He hoped, the six party and give full play to their strengths, mutual cooperation, boost the development of high-tech industry in Liuzhou.