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University of Oxford ISIS Innovation Center patent achievement promotion will be held
come from:Liuzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau | time:2013-4-23 | views:

  ISIS's incubator incubator and China whether same?
  Nursing English patent application?
  ISIS in the Chinese only to sell the project, or with the local enterprise cooperation with the project market?
  This is to promote the meeting scene at the Liuzhou International Exhibition Center in April 22nd University of Oxford ISIS innovation center of patent. The University of Oxford's David Baghurst (David), and Dr. Wang Hongzhi answer the audience too busy to attend to all of the questions patiently, and meeting with items of interest to the inventor.
  On the meeting, University of Oxford Hongkong Isis Innovation Center Director Dr. David Baghurst (David), introduces the trend of international patent technology development and international patent technology transfer mode to the audience, to introduce the University of Oxford Center for innovation in the new energy, new materials, advanced manufacturing, Internet, modern agriculture, bio medicine, energy saving and environmental protection fields of patent technology project. Dr. Wang Hongzhi made a wonderful translation for the participants.
  As the industrial city of Liuzhou, in the new materials and scarce mineral rare earth reserves has attracted attention of ISIS innovation center, David Baghurst at the meeting expressed the future more value in Liuzhou's willingness to cooperate, and hope to have technology to discuss the needs of enterprises. If you have interested companies can also login page about University of Oxford.
  This will promote the second national invention exhibition by the Liuzhou organizing committee, Liuzhou Bureau of science and Technology (Intellectual Property Office), undertake the Management Committee of Liuzhou high tech District, Isis innovation (HongKong) Limited and Guangxi Liuzhou Jin Jiang International Technology Co., Ltd. Co.


    David Baghurst (David), explanation, Dr. Wang Hongzhi translation

The conference site

David Baghurst (David) and Dr. Wang Hongzhi, after meeting with participants