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The first Liuzhou 3D printing Summit Forum
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The first Liuzhou 3D printing Summit Forum has been held in Liuzhou RadissonBlu in the afternoon of 19th December, 2013. More than 20 enterprises has attend the meeting include Guangxi Liugong group, SAIC GM Wuling, Dongfeng Liuzhou Auto.

In order to promote the development of Liuzhou manufacturing industry, the meeting invited the Engineering Department of the University of Nottingham research director 3D print project Martin Baumers. Martin Baumers is an application of the increasing material manufacturing and 3D printing technology are quite accomplished economist. In this forum, Dr. Baumers and the participants to share their latest achievements in the research field of 3D printing technology, application and development of manufacturing industry and Liuzhou entrepreneurs to explore 3D printing technology in industrial manufacturing field. Liuzhou city each participating business representatives have said to the leading technology of 3D print interest, Dr. Martin in a meeting with the representatives of enterprises in a 30 minute discussion, various answers the participants of the Q & A.
Leaders adttended the meeting: Wang Ying the Deputy Director of Liudong new district Administrative Committee, Hongzhi Wang the president of Jinhui Int, and David Baghurst the general manager of Jinhui Int.


Dr. Martin (left two), President Wang Hongzhi (left) visiting the Liuzhou Planning Museum

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