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2013 Industrial Design Forum Custom Q & A
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1st questionon on behalf of the Guangxi Science and Technology: "Mr. Maddison, what sort of enterprises do you think need to introduce the concept of industrial design? And,  Mr. Maddison,  whether you have time to communicate with and to teach the concept of industrial design in Guangxi University of Science and Technology?" 

Mr. Maddison: In the two days trip this time, I've visited a number of companies, including Liugong heavy machinery as well as some automotive electronics manufacturing, and auto parts and other companies, I think any company like them needs industrial product design from overseas, appearance to improve the quality of the product or products and the comfort of the user. For other industries, the next step is to conduct a more extensive communication and contact, I can understand the needs of these industries. This is my first trip to Liuzhou, after investigation, to Liuzhou impression is very good, and we hope next time to Guangxi University of Science and Technology, and your team conducted an in-depth communication and exchange.

2nd question asked by Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Company representative: "Hello Mr. Maddison, I am from Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile Co., Ltd. , I would like to ask something related to heavy-duty truck product design process, within which what do we need to consider when doing the pre- market research and customer surveys?"

Mr. Maddison: For the use of pre- research users , I think this is a very complex topic . Because it contains a lot of content on a user survey wanted to share with you a very important factor is that the customer ease of use. For a designer, he will first idea of ​​starting from their own ideas , he wants to make this thing look like . So starting from a different angle , from the end-users in the use of this product that you design ( vehicle ) , you will find that their feelings and you think differently. This case is related and medical equipment , the medical devices sold in the UK is very good , all they surveyed users say this product is very easy to use great , but the production of this product staff say this product is too bad , good production . So for Madi students design studio , we need from the customer point of view, observation can be found as long as the breakthrough point then you can get a lot of customer recognition. This is thought to share with you a story .

3rd question on behalf of Liuzhou Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.: "Thank you so much to your experts, for this wonderful speech, I am from Guangxi Liugong. Three questions, first of all, could you disclose the date when the Industrial Design Centre formally start to operate in Liuzhou, and the scale of IDC?"

Dr. Baghurst: Today is one of our conference , Kihei Industrial Product Design Center today officially inaugurated the scale to see if Liuzhou industry welcomed us on our industrial product design needs, if this demand is large, we will soon commence operation in Liuzhou, a national and international team of experts . In the past few months, we have an interview in a British industrial product design expert team that includes experts in the UK and China in the UK industrial design students and designers, will soon be introduced to the team Liuzhou , Liuzhou, the next step is to see how much the industry demand for industrial product design.
"The second: We have a small industrial design team in our company also to support the business development efforts, but we have met problems when combining industrial design, structural design and technology processes, I'm woundering, what's the key point of combining these three technologies?"
Mr. Maddison: I think the first thing to go into the field Liugong know, the crux of the problem points can also help answer this question. Local team encountered such problems in the design process, you can introduce a team of experts from outside the perspective from outside the problem , give some better advice and suggestions. Health and ways of doing things Madi industrial product design center , our designers are from different areas of the background and Liugong designers may a little different, some designers are doing off the field faster , some are made ​​of industrial product design, some other categories may be done in different designs , and when they encounter each case together to explore the concept of different integrated together . At the same time we will introduce some foreign experts to give us a different proposal. All of these skills can be mastered is not a person , you need a team of people with a different background composition .
"The last: regarding to the last question, what areas of staffs are needed for the industrial design team?"
Mr. Maddison: I still want to be a team of industrial design students example , you first need to have : pre- market research professionals from the client , they can be a good idea to communicate and understand the customer of the product . Also need to have a professional computer design drawings and skilled personnel , the company 's philosophy can be put into a 3D computer or other form of representation. Armed with these two experts also need to have good engineers, engineers have a good eye can see defects in the product , and whether production can be achieved , if the realization of production , but also to help engineers perform .
Dr. Baghurst: I would like to add to the success of any industrial product design case , if only rely on their own is very difficult to reach the success of a team , which is needed to support all aspects of the needs of a variety of talents to help , an industrial design products before they can do better , which is a very raw and Madi close contact us form , we are mainly engaged in technology transfer , Muddy Health design Center can make a good design , the technology to achieve production .
Mr. Maddison: For example, such as Unilever, the world's biggest companies , but also to cooperate and Madi raw studio , like Unilever, one of them has its own design team , but they want to add a better idea of ​​the outside world realization of industrial product design.

4th question asked by a participant: "I am a fan of industrial design; I saw you experts have brought some advanced technology today, and my personally understanding is that the support from industry and the participation of companies is essential to the healthy development of IDC, Liuzhou as a traditional industrial city , has a long history of tradition, especially in the development of industry which, every business has its research model and fixed routines, you will how to break the traditional design routines, allowing these companies to participate in the use of advanced technology growing industrial design,what is there to convince them to cite Maddison?"

Dr. Baghurst: I have had a lot of world-class companies have been cooperative , feeling that these companies have their own driving force , this driving force is this: As the industry leader , but still want to be with other companies ( competition persons or imitators ) catch up , it must constantly upgrading, improvement of existing products, the interior design is the design staff has been forming in my mind , the product is sometimes restricted, not subversion. If you want to break the ideological breakthrough , these big companies are very willing to work with a team of foreign experts , designers to communicate and collaborate , to help them improve the existing value. Many company executives or technicians from the terms, many largely unwilling to accept such external things , it will form a phenomenon , this company's products is determined by two or three or more people , from design to final produced . From the outside it is very unreasonable. Therefore, often more breakthrough from comments made by outsiders out . Many large companies in the world level , not just rely on their internal design team and external team will be a close cooperation , the external appearance of the performance of the team to help improve the quality of products , so that these big companies in the industry is far kept the lead location sheep . Of course, this exotic stuff for interior designers is indeed an impact . However, the current large international companies , including proposals to give our side is certainly going to change , we must continue to accept alien some new ideas, new designs, to help their company continue to grow.

Mr. Maddison: Our team at the time and the companies , the first company to fully respect the existing design team idea, because any one of the recommendations from the design team are Madi students through the company 's internal staff has been through it can be achieved. Europe now has an advanced concept called open innovation , open innovation is so for a number of large European companies to develop a comprehensive range of policies that is welcome ideas from the outside world , the concept or design, and then in the middle do some screening.