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[Biomedicine] Medical Equipment Sterilisation 2014-03-06
Plasma-based technology for the simultaneous cleaning and sterilisation of medical instruments
[Biomedicine] BifidIce Probiotic Ice Cream 2014-03-06
A technology for making milk ice cream with high concentrations of viable probiotic bacteria to fight the digestive tract flora deficiency in adults and children.
[Biomedicine] Nanoparticle-based Artherosclerosis Treatment 2014-03-06
Customised nanoparticles that act as agents for artherosclerotic plaque removal; possible applications include the development of agent-eluting stents.
[Biomedicine] Remote Heart Rate Monitoring 2014-03-06
A stethoscope and phone application that records PCGs and enables remote monitoring of heart rates and murmurs, which are immediately relayed to a GP or doctor.
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