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"Glaucoma treatment technology"
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  Slow glaucoma eye diseases caused dosing equipment
  Technology source: Aston University Isis project 78451st
  Glau-Chron time therapy of glaucoma medications
  Glaucoma is still the leading cause of permanent vision loss and blindness. Although there is no cure, but to early diagnosis and treatment can slow disease progression and improve the life quality of patients significantly. All existing treatments are aimed at achieving the intraocular pressure (IOP), in order to prevent further damage to the optic nerve. To minimize side effects, drug can only be maintained at a minimum dose of coating. But in most cases, target IOP difficult once implemented, often require several drops. Even if this method cannot prevent intraocular pressure further volatility, if the night peak over the target intraocular pressure can lead to further deterioration. In fact, the risk factors of glaucoma (high intraocular pressure and low blood flow) has circadian rhythm, in the peak at night and in the early morning. In addition, because of the need for precise management of several times a day to drop, this for elderly patients is sometimes difficult, leading to glaucoma medication restricted further. Therefore, needs to have the new alternative method.  
  Aston University researchers have created a laminated Department of Ophthalmology insert - Glau-Chron - every night once. Insert made of materials used for the Department of Ophthalmology, and can control the two drugs at different time points to a different rate of release. In the first drug slow and steady diffusion, second drug release quickly in 6 to 8 hours after insertion, in response to the morning peak, thus further reducing iop. This innovative therapy represents the first time therapy treating glaucoma, improving the current drug therapies, especially multiple risk factors to disease onset or worsening.  
  Unique selling point
    ◆ double effect, controlled release, time of therapy delivery system
 ◆ risk steep time inhibition of intraocular pressure in 24 hours. At present there is no management IOP nocturnal peak drug delivery systems on the market
 ◆ once a day, easy to use  
  The current situation of the patent and project
  The invention by a number of patent protection, including an international patent application (PCT/GB2006/003366), a United States patent application (11/992272) and a has been approved by the European patent (EP1928407B1). The rabbit model of Glau-Chron has been completed to stimulate research. Further tests are in progress to assess the effect of controlled drug release, and the subsequent changes in intraocular pressure.
   Isis happy and interested in cooperation and the development of this business opportunities to enterprises.      

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