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"Electromagnetic acoustic imaging technology"
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  Medical imaging technology in today's society lasts for a few decades, from the experience of the development of X ray, B ultrasound, CT, MRI, but radiation for body scanning imaging field, high cost, serious cannot be miniaturized mobile issues have not been able to solve, can not be popularized. For example, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging system is too expensive, ionizing radiation and claustrophobic, CT scan for the presence of ionizing radiation, ultra wideband electromagnetic imaging of low resolution, noise of ultrasonic image is relatively large and so on.
  Medical electronics technology in the field of University of Oxford has enjoyed high reputation in the international. Electromagnetic acoustic imaging developed at University of Oxford is in the existing technology base, a new system technology invented by electromagnetic and acoustic principle of the new commercial equipment and the technology, the completed, the imaging resolution comparable to nuclear magnetic resonance, but no radioactive material, but the cost will be reduced to the level of B ultrasound (cost is reduced to 1/40 or so).
  The technology research scholars, the main co inventor and founder of David Edwards, is a radiation imaging, medical imaging and measurement of electromagnetic field international authority, the author of over 400 publications, and apply for many patent products and put it into the market. Dr. CEO Toby King, in the past 25 years, he led the team to start a series of medical equipment in the UK and the creation of Silicon Valley and, after a successful exit from the team, which was 16 years old when they founded his first company. Recently, through its successful operation led to the international famous Private Equity Investment Firm 3I group has won 5 times in a short span of 3 years of gains. At the same time, this team has a strong advisory and branch network, including clinical imaging experts, medical experts, management experts and Engineering Physics advisor. 
  1, can provide a clear image of high quality, high resolution and contrast;
  2, can achieve the effect of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging compared with the quasi, its manufacturing cost is only ultrasonic equipment level, reduce the cost to about 1/40;
  3, the hardware complexity and scanning time;
  4, improve the efficiency and patient imaging comfort;
  5, no ionizing radiation;
  6, product can be made into easy to move, real-time imaging business, miniaturization, not bound to a specific region 
  Chinese oriented business model
  The project for the University of Oxford 2011 Focus hatch project, China area for investors to raise funds to establish the enterprise 500000 pounds.
  The target market for the first B ultrasound equipment upgrades (with extrapolation method), for the existing and will be the production of B super provides clearer scanning.
  Is currently working with global medical imaging equipment four giants PHILIPS, SIEMENS, GE, TOSHIBA and other four major medical equipment manufacturers negotiations, by bundling selling.
  Future market development for the device can replace the nuclear magnetic resonance of manufacturing their own;
  Another development for safety testing equipment. The effect is very obvious, can clear liquid composition and liquid scanning objects within.
  Consider the content from the Chinese investors about the future right to manufacture China market and sales rights and business negotiation.