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"Bionic glasses"
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   Bionic glasses is a high-tech but wearable devices and not expensive and not easily perceived, can increase the sense of space and the target recognition by severe visual impairment and blindness in people.
Enhance the autonomy
   About 300000 confirmed for blind people in Britain, but most blind people have some residual vision function, usually can only identify the light, darkness and motion perception. Now, scientists at the University of Oxford have developed a technology that can improve the ability of recognition by surrounding objects and obstacles, so as to enhance the autonomy of the blind.
The visual effect of luminescence
   University of Oxford electronic vision aided system using simple image in the glasses frame micro stereo camera to capture the surrounding environment. The image is transmitted to the array composed of LED lamp bright in transparent lens layer. When an object is found, the appropriate part of the LED exhibit of lanterns light, to imitate the visual part, like faces, obstacles and telephone, Coffee cup, food and other ordinary objects can be seen through the device. Moreover, street signs written, bus station, prices in the supermarket and the headlines of the newspaper, can be synthesized speech, and to wear headphones transmitter. Its advantages are low cost components, the glasses are not aware of the design and the whole system of wearable.

  1, clear visual display: allows the wearer and others eye contact.
  2, navigation aids: GPS and compass sensor to the wearer positioning in electronic map
  3, public traffic assistant: download the real-time information of public traffic, in order to improve the barrier free environment recognition and remind the wearer close to the car case.
  4, the depth image: rapid establishment of real world objects and show the links between the images
The prototype research
  The initial research results show that all participants are able to perceive objects around. Participants with fully functional prototype, and then five minutes will be able to describe people and other objects. Then, researchers have been widely reported in the media, including publications, television, and radio network.
The status quo of patent
The UK Patent application.
  Jin Hui International is willing to communicate with the development of the new system interested companies and investors.