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The Pressure Regulator, Reinvented
come from:Isis | time:2014-3-10 | views:

- Isis Project No 4220

Compact, low cost in-line flow control device that is reliable and easy to use.

Pressure regulatorsIndustrial pipework

Pressure regulators, used for fluid flow control in pipe systems and conduits, are globally distributed in high volumes. Applications are numerous and include:

  • The control of shop air in industrial applications
  • Process fluids in industrial plants
  • Control of fluids in transmission pipelines carrying water, oil or gas
  • Heating and refrigeration systems

OIFCD advantages

Oxford’s in-line flow control device (OIFCD) offers a number of advantages. It:

  • Can be retro-fitted into existing pipe-work without plant modifications
  • Fits inside the flow conduit, requiring no additional space or protrusions from the conduit
  • Does not require its own certified pressure housing when fitted inside the existing, already certified, pipe-work
  • Has ultra-low manufacturing cost in comparison to conventional devices
  • Is scalable to any application size (from medical to oil and gas distribution)
  • Has only a single moving part and no deformable parts resulting in high reliability and low maintenance costs
  • Is fully protected from the environment
  • Can cope with very high mass flows (i.e. a low minimum pressure drop)
  • Can control from low (Pa) to ultra-high (MPa) pressure flows
  • Can be adjusted for mass flow rate changes or pressure drops


The OIFCD can be used as a pilot operated pressure regulator or as a pressure-reducing flow device that maintains an output pressure to a specific fraction of the input pressure. The device is applicable to almost any mass flow rate or pressure. The invention delivers better than order-of-magnitude savings in manufacturing cost.

Market readiness

A prototype has been built and has an excellent record of reliable operation over an extended period of time in a real world industrial application. The technology has been demonstrated to Technology Readiness Level 7 and a patent has been applied for.


Isis Innovation is interested in evaluating companies that wish to bid for opportunities to brand and commercialise this remarkable invention, with particular interest in companies able to offer a rapid route to market in high volume applications. Please contact the Technology Transfer Manager using the link below.