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[Materials] SyGlo Technology for pH Sensing 2014-03-10
[Materials] Better Fingerprint Detection 2014-03-10
[Materials] Flexible Transparent Conductor 2014-03-10
A new material which combines market-leading optical and electrical performance with improved flexibility and an expanded range of coating options.
[Materials] Power Electronics Meet Metamaterials 2014-01-23
A ‘metamaterial’ is made up of arrays of electrical circuits whose properties define the overall material behaviour.
[Materials] Designer Carbon Nanomaterial Production 2014-03-10
An Oxford invention substantially increases the production of endohedral fullerenes, which have great potential for applications such as quantum information processing, MRI contras...
[Materials] Lowcost Transparent Conductors 2014-03-10
A transparent conductor that is a low cost, high performance alternative to ITO with potential applications in displays, lighting and EMI shielding.
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