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Optical Local Area Network Communications
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- Isis Project No 923

A team of Oxford University researchers, in collaboration with other UK universities, has developed a device for high speed optical communication for mobile users.

The Technology

"Hard-wired" solutions for connecting personal computers to local servers are not always convenient for mobile users. Alternatives, known as "wireless" solutions, include radio and optical links. Radio links may not be particularly suitable in applications where security is paramount, for example, in financial institutions, and in military and aerospace applications. Also, in hospitals and other environments where there is a danger that the radio waves will disrupt the operation of sensitive equipment radio links are not suitable. The researchers have developed a transmitter and receiver system based on CMOS technology, and resonant cavity LEDs. The system communicates on a line of sight principle to maximise the communication speed, and currently operates at 155Mbps. It provides a secure and safe way for users to communicate with a local server.

The Oxford Invention

Visual Description of OLANC
  • Secure communication
  • Suitable for use around sensitive equipment
  • Fast communication speeds
  • Line of sight communication
  • Proven technology
  • CMOS technology
  • Self tracking
  • Medical applications
  • Aerospace applications
  • Military applications
  • Finance applications

Patent Status

This work is patent protected, and Isis wishes to talk to companies interested in developing the commercial opportunities for this technology. Please contact the Isis Project Manager to discuss this further.