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  Jinhui incubator is Jinhui international subordinate high-tech incubator base, located in Liuzhou City, Liu Dong District of Liuzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, an area of 10000 square meters. Jinhui incubator as service organization to cultivate and nurture professional high-tech small and medium enterprises.
  Incubator by providing physical space and infrastructure for science and technology newly established small and medium-sized enterprises, and provide a series of other support services, reduce the entrepreneurial risk and the cost of starting a business. Improve the success rate of entrepreneurship, promote the transformation of sci-tech achievements, help and support the growth and development of small and medium-sized enterprises, the successful cultivation of enterprises and entrepreneurs. It is to promote the development of high-tech industry, high-tech achievement transformation, improve the national and regional innovation system, economic prosperity, plays an important role, which has great economic and social significance.
Services include:
  1, entrepreneurship support: including business service, entrepreneurial environment provides etc..
  2, consulting and training: including policy, finance, taxation, personnel management consulting and training etc..
  3, resource service: including the establishment of talent, technology, products, capital and market network and efficient service.
  4, information services: including the establishment of digital network platform, to provide online training, exhibition, e-commerce service etc..

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